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About us

Field to Vase


Little Acre Flowers provides our clients with beautiful, environmentally and socially conscious floral designs. We are passionate about flowers and want to promote a more sustainable floral industry.

How it works 

Most florists overwhelm customers with endless choices. Little Acre streamlines shopping by offering a single arrangement each day based on what is seasonal and fresh. Just like a restaurant has its daily special of seasonal ingredients, so do we. Through keeping options simple, Little Acre Flowers saves time, minimizes waste and offers the freshest flowers possible. By emphasizing online orders and forgoing a retail space, we’re also able to keep prices manageable. 

Our flowers come from nearby farms in the mid-Atlantic region.  We always try to order from as nearby as is possible. In the winter, we sometimes have to dip into a greenhouse further south, but we always strive to source from as close as we can, while giving our customers a beautiful product. Our flowers are NEVER imported.

Founder Tobie Whitman

Founder Tobie Whitman


In 2013, Tobie Whitman launched Little Acre Flowers after a career working with USAID and a number of NGOs in the field of international women’s empowerment. Because of her passion for green, living things, she decided to make a career shift. In 2010, she joined a high-end florist to do floral design and marketing. Over time, while continuing to create beautiful arrangements, she became the marketing manager, responsible for the store’s online presence, photography and community philanthropy program. 

Little Acre Flowers grew from her concern about using imported flowers.  After researching the international flower industry, she decided to launch a floral design business that makes use of locally-sourced flowers that are beautiful, fresh and natural. 

Through Little Acre, she’s able to combine her passion for flowers and a desire to be socially and environmentally responsible, while also finding the very best offerings for her clients. 


We regularly feature information and photos about our suppliers and other important actors in the growing local movement. Our partners currently include; 

Wollam Gardens

Greenstone Fields

Jenkins Farm

Mayorga Coffee