What makes Little Acre unique?


Grown At Local Farms

Beautiful flowers are grown nearby on local farms and delivered to our studio each day.


Arranged Fresh Daily

Our designers curate a unique daily arrangement based on what is freshest from our growers.


Someone Special is Happy

A farm fresh arrangement is delivered unlike anything they’ve seen before.

Most florists overwhelm customers with endless choices...

Little Acre streamlines shopping by offering a single arrangement each day based on what is fresh and local. Just like a restaurant has its daily special based on seasonal ingredients, so do we.

Our flowers come from nearby farms in the mid-Atlantic region.  We always order from as nearby as is possible. Most florists sell flowers shipped from thousands of miles away. They come in boxes, are often soaked in chemicals and have been without water for days. Doesn't sound very fresh right? That’s why grocery store blooms often look bad the next day – they are weeks old!

Through keeping options simple, Little Acre Flowers saves time, minimizes waste and offers the freshest flowers possible. By emphasizing online orders and forgoing a retail space, we’re also able to keep prices manageable.