Art in Bloom 2023

Art in Bloom 2023

We were honored to be asked for a second year to design for Art in Bloom, a floral exhibition held at Anderson House in DC. Each year, local florists are tapped to choose a piece of artwork on display and create a design inspired by it. 

This year, we chose the 17th Century Choir Stalls, a room just to the right of the main entrance. We love the dark walnut wood and ornate carvings, and felt our bold and bright approach to flowers would really stand out in this room!

More about the artwork: 

The carved walnut choir stalls surrounding the room consist of fifteen hinged seats separated by fluted Ionic column pilasters and arm posts of winged female figures.  Two painted and gilded wood standards with an angel figure at the top stand along the north wall. 

Our design description:

Our design takes inspiration from the structure of the choir stalls and the lines seen in the decorative carvings, while creating intentional contrast from the dark walnut wood. We like to have fun with our flowers so we’ve opted for a bright, bold color palette featuring stems that float and twirl off of our core structure, almost as if the carvings were to dance off of the choir stalls themselves. Everything used in our design has been sourced locally, resulting in a piece that reflects the season and honors sustainable design methods, a core principle of the Little Acre Flowers philosophy. 

Check out photos of our design below! All photos were taken by Costola Photography.


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