There are many reasons to choose buying 100% local flowers. Here are just a few that are especially important to us:

Reduce Environmental Impact

By only carrying what’s in season we reduce our overall waste. Other florists stock many kinds of flowers that often go unused if there is no order for them. At Little Acre because we have a single daily special, there are few wasted flowers.  Some estimate that ¾ of cut flowers end up in the trash because florists stock so many kinds that people don’t order. Keep it simple, we say.

Most traditional florists sell flowers shipped from thousands of miles away. More than 80% of flowers in the US are imported from overseas. Not only are they soaked in chemicals often banned in the US,  but they carry an enormous carbon footprint.

Little Acre Flowers chooses environmentally sustainable practices. Rather than plastic, we wrap our bouquets in repurposed burlap donated by local coffee roaster, Mayorga. Our note cards are printed on recycled paper and using soy-based ink.  We want to be as sustainable as possible -- another reason why we don't import our flowers.


Support Local Economy & Farmers

We want to live in a diverse community with a thriving economy. By supporting nearby growers we support local jobs and also promote rural livelihoods and open spaces. Small local businesses are the largest employers nationally.

Enjoy Quality & Freshness

There’s a right time and a right place for most things.  Just as peaches are the best in late summer, so too are dahlias.  You enjoy better quality in the height of the season. Local products are fresher, which for flowers means they are more beautiful and longer lasting. Picture a rose cut from your garden and brought to you versus one dipped in chemicals, stuffed in a box a few weeks ago and shipped here thousands of miles. The choice is clear.